Wings of Mercy is a continually growing volunteer group which uses cutting-edge drone technology to help rural and remote communities locate men, women and children who have gone missing. The group enlists the assistance of drone operators from across North America (and stretches worldwide) to work with families as well as law enforcement and search and rescue teams. As quickly as possible we provide aerial images from dense and challenging areas where it is too risky for humans to tread. We have a Forensic Anthropologist on board, fixed wing pilots, skilled and well versed 4x4’s, ATV’s and off road operator’s as well as Cadaver Dogs all volunteering their services. We WELCOME any and all that want to come on board.
Wings of Mercy provides training for drone operators and free analysis of drone images using "in house developed state-of-the art software". Most importantly, we support families after formal search and rescue operations have been exhausted, continuing to provide them support and hope in their search for loved ones.

Wings of Mercy is a continually growing Not for Profit organization which uses cutting-edge Software, Drone Technology, All Terrain Vehicles, Divers, ROV's, Dogs, Trackers and any other available assets, to not only help families locate their missing loved ones, but all missing persons. 

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