Ben Tyner
Merrit British Columbia Canada
Hair Color
Dark Brown and Beard
Eye Color
Last Seen
January 26, 2019
Reported Date
January 28th 2019
Law Enforcement File #
RCMP File # 2019-433
Ben was last seen, riding off the Nicola Ranch on January 26th 2019 around 2PM, possibly to round up cattle. He was reported missing on January 28th when his horse was found 7KM up a logging road off Hwy 97 Northwest of the city still fully equipped with one rein hanging. No tracks were noted anywhere in the area between Nicola Ranch where Ben worked and where the horse was located. The owners of Nicola Ranch stated no trucks or trailers were missing from the ranch indicating that the Ben or the horse had been trailered to the location by Ben or one of their workers. Ben would have been dressed for the weather, he often wore a black and red woolen hat with ear flaps (in photo) but there was no indication he took anything to spend the night. Ben's disappearance has been ruled suspicious and is being investigated as such. There have been extensive ground searches and further investigations continue.

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