Janet Bandurak 
Middleton Nova Scotia 
Hair Color
White, short 
Eye Color
Last Seen
September 8th, 2019 
Reported Date
September 10th, 2019
Law Enforcement File #
RCMP File #20191378150
Janet Bandurak has been missing since September 8th 2019,  she was last seen leaving a residence on Exhibition St. in Kentville, Nova Scotia. After visiting with her husband who is in the hospital she was supposed to go to a friend's house but she did  not arrive at her destination. On September 10th, the red GMC truck she was believed to be driving was found abandoned on Highway 221 Westbound, between Bligh Road and Arnold Road S in Woodville near the Woodville Fire Department (Kinsmans Corner area). It is believed she was wearing a blue jacket and grey pants but no other details are known. Family reports Janet has not been diagnosed however, they believe she has dementia and may have been lost or disoriented. Police have reason to believe she may have had an interaction with someone in a red van - they are hoping that the person who was in the van will contact them to give them any insight into what Janet may have been doing on that day. 
There would not have been any power to the local area at the time Janet disappeared, there would have been trees down and possibly power lines on the roads from the night before due to Hurricane Dorian. These things may have added to her confusion. 
To date there have been ground searches with Search and Rescue, a helicopter search and three RCMP Dog teams searching the area where her truck was located. 
WoM UPDATE: NEW INFORMATION - Per report from local residents, Janet was last seen walking West on Highway 221 approximately 7-7:30 PM on September 8th, first witness waved to her and Janet waved back. The second witness had a conversation with her during which she stated she was going to Ontario. She did not report that she had run out of gas or that she was in distress at that time but she appeared "frustrated and determined". Both witnesses confirmed she was wearing a blue jacket with red on it, the first witness said she was carrying a lime green flat package tucked under her arm.  She continued to walk west towards the intersection of Highway 221 and Black Rock Road. An acquaintance of Janet's reported to WoM that Janet is an avid walker and was known to walk up to 5KM a day. 
WoM UPDATE: NEW INFORMATION: Eye witness stated she was seen at the intersection of Highway 221 and Black Rock Road and that she walked NORTH - he confirmed she was carrying a teal (blue/green) colored bag or purse in her hand when he saw her. He had eyes on her at two times. One walking in front of his residents on Highway 221 and again after she walked through the intersection.
NOV 2nd WoM UPDATE NEW INFORMATION  - Witness reported seeing Janet walking NORTH on Black Rock Road over the bridge a few hundred meters south of 2961 Black Rock Road. He confirmed the same clothing and she was carrying a purse or bag over her shoulder. This is our LKL To Date. 
Images taken ON and AFTER November 1st from the drone are in the area of our last known location. 

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