Caitlin Brandy Potts 
Kelowna BC, Canada
27 at time of disappearance
First Nations 
150 Lbs
Hair Color
Long Black (with blonde streaks)
Eye Color
Last Seen
February 21, 2016
Reported Date
March 1, 2016 (listed March 21)
Law Enforcement File #
RCMP File # 2016-3769
Caitlin was last seen on video at the Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna BC at 1:30 PM on Feb. 21st 2016 wearing a 3/4 length black jacket, black winter boots, light colored pants, carrying a light colored leather purse, white cell phone and her hair tied back.
The last contact she had with friends and family was via FB Messenger. She sent her sister a message to say she had found a ride on Kjiji to Calgary but she would "definitely be back tonight". She also sent a text to her roommate in Salmon Arm saying she had met a stranger the night before from Calgary and got a ride on Kjiji and was going to Calgary. Caitlin also sent a text to Jason Hnatiuk her ex-boyfriend about money he owed her on February 22nd. That was the lasts anyone heard from her. 
Caitlin had a very active presence on social media prior to her disappearance but nothing has been posted since Feb 22, 2016. 
When Caitlin did not contact family or friends after a few days they reported her missing to the police on March 1st but RCMP did not put out an official alert until March 21st. At that point, they put out an alert stating that the Major Crimes Unit was assisting with the investigation of the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP. 
Caitlin's mom reached out to Indigenous groups in BC to assist with the search effort and there have been ground searches, K9 and Drone searches in the area along the river, the last place Caitlin lived, along the highway. They canvased door-to-door in the neighborhoods but nothing has been found in relation to Caitlin. 
Caitlin was known to travel throughout the Alberta and BC area, she had connections in the Enderby, Kelowna, Salmon Arm and Armstrong areas. According to RCMP, there is no evidence that she left the Okanagan Region and actually made it to Calgary - Police are treating the case as a homicide although nothing has been found. 
Caitlin is one of 5 women who are known to be missing in the Okanagan area and many women missing along the Highway of Tears. There have been combined search efforts for Caitlin Potts, Ashley Simpson, Nicole Bell and Deanna Wertz all missing near one another. 

Wings of Mercy is a continually growing Not for Profit organization which uses cutting-edge Software, Drone Technology, All Terrain Vehicles, Divers, ROV's, Dogs, Trackers and any other available assets, to not only help families locate their missing loved ones, but all missing persons. 

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