Marshal Iwaasa
LKL Lethbridge Alberta Truck Located North Pemberton BC
170 lbs
Hair Color
Brown curly shoulder length (usually in a bun)
Eye Color
Last Seen
November 17th, 2019
Reported Date
November 23, 2019
Law Enforcement File #
RCMP File # 19510489
Marshal was last seen in Lethbridge AB on November 17th, 2019 and told his mom he was heading back to Calgary where he was a student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. According to police he did not make it back to Calgary. His family is not aware of any connections in BC or plans he had to go there. 
Marshal was last seen wearing a green hoodie, a grey toque, red hi-top shoes and black pants. He was driving his dark blue 2009 GMC Sierra Truck which was located burned completely north of Pemberton BC at the trailhead of Birkenhead Peak. Outside of his truck were two passports, both belonging to Marshal (one expired) the Identification page was torn out of one of them. 3 cell phones, a laptop, a Playstation and an Xbox - all electronics were smashed. There were clothing items and a toiletry bag on the ground. A gas can was found near the truck. A short distance away police also found discarded clothing near a creek. They  believe that was the direction the driver walked out. 
There has been no banking activity since November 15th so any gas purchases between Lethbridge to the Pemberton area had to have been purchased in cash if they were by Marshal. This is a minimum 12:45 minute drive. 
Because there is no evidence at this point it is not known if Marshal traveled alone or if he was with someone. The police believe he was the driver of the truck and walked the direction of the discarded clothing by the creek. They are not ruling anything out at this point but there is no evidence of foul play. The family and police are hoping for the public's assistance by checking all business cameras, dash cams and any video in the area that can give them any information about Marshal's activities between November 17th and November 23rd.  
There are 3 possible routes (two more likely routes) that the driver would have taken from Lethbridge to Pemberton. Highway 1 towards Kamloops, Highway 3 towards Kelowna or the unlikely route would be Highway 95 into the U.S. 

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