Desirea Ann Ferris 
South Kansas City USA
101 Lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color
Last Seen
May 2, 2017
Reported Date
April 30, 2016
Law Enforcement File #
Case # 20170830
Desirea Ferris was reported missing on May 2, 2017. She was last seen wearing a pink fuzzy jacket, a cream coloured crop top, she had a tan purse and her cell phone. She has a 1/1/2 in scar on her left forearm and a birthmark on her stomach next to her belly button. On the afternoon of May 1st 2017 Desirea left her residence in Liberty Mo and it is reported she got into a white Ford F 150 truck that pulled up outside. It is reported she was with Robert Keegan, who is now incarcerated for drug related offenses along with her sister in that vehicle. He dropped them off at a McDonald's on the corner of 31st and Van Brunt at 4:30PM . The two girls then got into a car with another man, Mark Arzola who took them to another McDonald's on Hwy 291 in Liberty. At that location, the sister got out of the car but Desirea stayed in the car. Arzola told police that he took Desirea to his house at 8111 Highland in South Kansas City and that she left his house at 1:30AM in a white truck but he did not see the driver. (conflicting reports say he told Desirea's step mom that he first took her to a soccer field on Blue River Road then went to a house on 27th and Oakley. Cell phone records show a message to Desirea's sister around 1AM which in which she said she was tired and coming home. at 3AM her sister messaged her reply "OK"  Between 10:20 PM and 10:58 PM there are 23 text messages between Desirea's phone and Robert Keegan's phone and no other messages between the two after 10:58. At 2:06 the report states there is an outgoing call made from Desiree's phone, Arzola states he last heard from Desirea via text at 2:35 AM. At 3AM phone records show that she accessed Facebook and at 5:14am one final text goes to the same number to the person that was phoned at 2:06 AM. The last cell phone ping comes from two possible locations, an abandoned house off 83rd and Hillcrest or a house in Marlborough at 4:11 AM. There has been zero evidence found in all of the searches. The family continues to search for Desirea - if you know any information about her whereabouts, disappearance or those who may be involved please call the Liberty Police 1-816-439-4701 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477

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