Curtis Wilson
Vernon BC, Canada
slim build
Hair Color
Eye Color
Last Seen
April 27, 2016
Reported Date
April 30, 2016
Law Enforcement File #
RCMP File # 2016-8293
Curtis Wilson was last seen in Vernon BC Saturday June 27th 2015 having breakfast with friends. The car they were driving was later found at the south end of Cosens Bay near the cabins on Kalamalka Lake. The man he was with was later found and determined to have drowned by suicide through the Coroner's report. Curtis left his home in Lethbridge on June 24th and told his family he was on his way to visit his family in Grand Prairie but instead went to Vernon BC with a close friend. The last communication anyone reported having with Curtis was a text that said "Kal Lake" On June 27th the family notified the RCMP but no missing person report was made. On Monday June 29th when they had not heard from him they started to spread the word on Facebook that they had not heard from him. The family stated that Curtis typical wore a hat and glasses, has a tattoo that says "Wilson" on his right arm. When the coroner released his report it stated that despite not finding Curtis Wilson's body he determined that Curtis had also died by drowning. There was evidence that the two had a suicide pact and the deceased had drugs in his system at the time of death as well as drugs found at the location where the car they had driven was located. The car had gas in it and was in working condition. Curtis' cell phone was located at the small camp that they built but there has been no sign of Curtis Wilson. His family continues to search at the lake to find answers to what happened. 

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