Deanna Wertz 
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
First Nations
120 Lbs
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Eye Color
Last Seen
July 19, 2016
Reported Date
July 22, 2016
Law Enforcement File #
Deanna Wertz was last seen July 19th at her residence on Yankee Flats Road in Enderby B.C. she was wearing a grey T-shirt and grey cut off sweat pants. Day time temperatures were seasonal and in the evening there was rain.   That day she told her family she was going for a hike behind her house in the woods which was not uncommon for her to do. She was an avid hiker who often went on full day excursions however, she was not known to go more than a day. Deanna's husband was the last person to see her - he left town that morning for work. After he left, she spoke to her other family members on the phone prior to leaving to go hiking. The area where she is believed to have gone includes dense brush, and steep terrain. It has been searched on foot, with K9, helicopters, and drones. One article reported Deanna had struggled with depression and had called a suicide hotline prior to her disappearance however there is no evidence that this was a suicide attempt. Police do not believe there is foul play. However, there are 4 other missing women in the area and the remains of one woman was found close by. The case remains open and active. The family continues to search and no sign of Deanna has been found. 

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