Chance Englebert
Gering Nebraska 
5'9- 5'11" 
185 lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color
blue or hazel 
Last Seen
July 6, 2019 
Reported Date
July 7, 2019 
Law Enforcement File #
MP 59295
Chance was last seen wearing a short sleeved button up Wrangler shirt, dark blue Wrangler jeans, roper-style boots and a black and white trucker hat. He has a medium build and there are mixed reports about his height and eye colour he is between 5'9" and 5'11" and blue or hazel eyes and he has a scar on his hip. The last visual was on foot walking from a family member's home around 7:30 PM, he was reportedly seen on a business video cam walking at the intersection of 10th street and Martha Drive at 7:51 PM. Last phone location was from the WTT Truck stop area around 10PM . 
Chance, his wife and their son were residents of Moorcroft Wyoming and had been visiting his in-laws and grandparents in Gering Nebraska. Chance had been golfing at a local golf club with family members when there was a disagreement, he called his wife to come and get him and stated he wanted to go home. After she picked him up they got into another disagreement and when she went into the house to get their belongings she reported that he walked away from the house and that was the last time she saw him. She said she talked to him on the phone at 7:46 and he told her he was walking South and then he talked to his friend and told him he was walking North towards Torrington Wyoming. 8:46 was the last anyone heard from him on the phone. Around 9PM a bad thunder and lightning storm occurred with heavy rain and cold temperatures. 
Law enforcement searched the area with ground support, air support and dogs, scent was picked up in one area that lead them from a private road to the woods and then the scent was lost but no evidence of Chance was found. 
What is known is Chance had been laid off from his job at the local mine but had a new job lined up for the following Monday that he was excited about. He was a good father to his young son, while he was known to go for a walk when he was upset it was out of character for him to go far or long without any contact. Chance was young, fit and used to the outdoors, he did not have anything with him to camp out, there has been no banking activity and no cell phone use since that evening.  
There have been unsubstantiated sightings, the family continues to search - at this time there is a lot of speculation but no evidence of any kind to back up any theories of what has happened to Chance. 
There was some flash flooding in the area that evening, some speculative sightings as far away as Montana, theories of foul play.
The search continues. 

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