Ryan John Marcus Shtuka
Sun Peaks BC Canada 
20 (at time of disappearance)
180 lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color
Last Seen
February 17, 2018
Reported Date
February 17, 2018
Law Enforcement File #
RCMP File # 2018-5071
Ryan was last seen wearing dark jeans, a grey & white shirt, a 3/4 length blue snowboarding jacket and burgundy ball cap with a a "Nor-Wester Athletic Association" logo on it. 
He was last seen at approximately 02:10 hrs at a house party on Burfield Drive in Sun Peaks, BC. by one of his roommates. It was believed he was leaving the house party to walk home to his residence a short distance away. He was observed putting his shoes and coat on but when the roommate walked home he did not see Ryan walking behind him. When Ryan did not report to work as expected later on February 17th his roommates contacted police and filed a missing person's report. Ryan's cellphone and social media accounts have not been active since he left the house party at 2AM and there has been no activity on any bank accounts. 
RCMP and Kamloops SAR searched the area that day and for the next two days along with family. 
The temperature the night Ryan went missing dipped to the -20 degree mark and there was a light snowfall. The area between the party where Ryan was and where he lived has woods, water and roads, there are numerous possibilities as to which direction he may have tried to walk. 
Thus far there have been 3 Formal Searches, Kamloops SAR that included canine units, ground searches, air searches, drone searches with infrared cameras, snowmobiles, dog teams, metal detectors, avalanche probes, numerous volunteer searches and nothing has turned up.
RCMP are following up on all leads and while there is no evidence of foul play, they have not ruled anything out.  There was one report of an argument outside a residence on Fairways Drive about 20 minutes from where Ryan went missing around the time he disappeared. There was also a report of a person matching his description in that area. Nothing was ever found. 
Other items they would like people to keep their eyes out for are a black iPhone 6, a men's wallet, a pair of men's beige/ tan size 11 Vans shoes, set of Volkswagen car keys. 
No sign of Ryan or any of his belongings have turned up in any area. 

Wings of Mercy is a continually growing Not for Profit organization which uses cutting-edge Software, Drone Technology, All Terrain Vehicles, Divers, ROV's, Dogs, Trackers and any other available assets, to not only help families locate their missing loved ones, but all missing persons. 

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