Paul Miller 
Joshua Tree National Park, California USA
51 at time of disappearance
160 Lbs
Hair Color
Brown - salt and pepper 
Eye Color
Last Seen
July 13, 2018 
Reported Date
July 13, 2018 
Law Enforcement File #
Paul was on vacation with his wife at Twenty-Nine Palms Ca. and decided to go on one last solo hike at Joshua Tree National Park,  Oasis Trail on the day they were supposed to leave to return home to Guelph Ontario. He left the hotel at 9AM on July 13th and said he would be back by 11AM. When he did not return as expected, his wife waited one more hour and reported him missing to park officials at 12PM. Park staff began to search for Paul at 12:30 PM. His rental car was located in the parking lot at the trailhead they spoke to one witness who reportedly saw him about halfway into the 1.5 mile trek. Paul did not take his cell phone with him on the hike which was not unusual for him. 
He was wearing dark shorts, dark grey/black Hi-Tec Altitude VI WP hiking boots, a grey/black Camelback pack, a black hat, sunglasses and he would have been carrying a Nikon D5300 Camera. Paul was in good physical shape and an experienced hiker and had hiked the same location the day before. However, it is easy to get turned around in this area especially if dehydrated and if heat is a factor. 
The weather that day was very hot that day -  upwards of 38 degrees celsius and a low of 27 degrees that night, and up to 41 the following day. Temperatures can change drastically and quickly. It should be noted that there are rattle snakes, scorpions and mountain lions in the area.
To date there have been searches with over 600 ground crews, over 20 dog teams, ATVs, a helicopter and recently drones. 
According to LE nothing indicates foul play or a planned disappearance as no clues at all have been found. There have been no footprints, water bottles, clothing, just the one sighting of Paul part way through the hike. 

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