Phillip Schumacher
Kaleden BC, Canada
140 Lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color
Last Seen
October 2, 2019
Reported Date
October 2, 2019 
Law Enforcement File #
File # 2019-17613
Phillip Schumacher is described as thin "lanky", he has a tattoo on his right forearm, he was last seen on a video camera entering his parents home wearing jeans, boots, a grey parka, a blue hoodie and grey hat. The video footage shows him entering the house through the front door around 2PM apparently to do laundry but there is no evidence of him leaving the home. He has not been seen or heard from since. There has been no phone activity and no activity with his bank account. According to his parents, they saw him early on October 2nd in the trailer he lives in on their property. They talked to him before going into town and when they returned at 4PM he was gone. They saw him on the video footage entering their home through the front door but he was not seen leaving. He did not appear to be going anywhere, he was going into their home to do his laundry, there were two unopened packages of cigarettes in his trailer. He was on foot when he went into the the home and there was no sign of a vehicle. This has left them with no clues as to which way he may have gone. They are asking anyone who was in the area between Highway 3 and Highway 97 and Twin Lakes Golf Course and the RV Park between 2 and 7PM who has a dash cam to please look for any sign of Phillip or someone who he may have been with. They do not know if he went up the mountain or the highway as his behavior prior to his disappearance gave no reason for them to believe he was going anywhere. To date there have been ongoing organized searches as well as volunteer searches around the area. There is a Facebook Page called "Finding Phillip Schumacher" - 80 people gathered to search for Phillip during the Thanksgiving Weekend along with Wings of Mercy drone pilot and volunteers. The family will not give up looking for Phillip at this point they do not suspect foul play but they want to know he is okay. 

Wings of Mercy is a continually growing Not for Profit organization which uses cutting-edge Software, Drone Technology, All Terrain Vehicles, Divers, ROV's, Dogs, Trackers and any other available assets, to not only help families locate their missing loved ones, but all missing persons. 

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